Using Folders

To help keep things organized we’ve created Folders for you to better organize your coverage reports.

1.   On your main coverage dashboard click “New Folder” to create your first folder in Avail.

2.   Next, in the New folder pane name the folder and click “Create” to finalize. You can always rename the folder later by navigating back to it in the coverage dashboard and clicking on the vertical ellipses to the right of its name.

3.   To move a coverage report into the folder, back on the coverage dashboard navigate to the coverage report that you’d like to move. Click the vertical ellipses to the right of the coverage report and then click “Move”.

4.   On the “Move request” navigation pane, click on the downward tick mark to choose the corresponding folder you’d like to move the coverage report into. Once you’ve decided on the folder, click “Move”to complete the task.

5.   From there you’ll immediately be taken to the coverage report’s new folder.

Follow the same steps above to create sub-folders and moving coverage reports into these sub-folders.

6.   You can delete a folder or sub-folder by following one of the two following methods:

  • If you’re on the coverage dashboard, Clicking the vertical ellipses / “kebab” and then choosing “Delete.”
  • If you’re in the folder itself, click on the folder name and the choose “Delete.”