Requesting Coverage Reports

  1. Once you’ve successfully logged into your newly created account click “Request New” to generate your first Coverage Report.

  1. Fill out the following details for the desired material you’d like coverage for:
  • Content Title: Name of the material you are interested in creating coverage for.
  • Coverage Request Name: Desired file name for the coverage you are creating. You may keep the default request name if you choose to.
  • Content Type: Is it a script or a book?
  • Document: Here you will attach the material you wish to generate coverage for.
    • Please note we only support DOCX, PDF, or TXT file types.
    • We recommend using DOCX files for better machine readability. Low quality scanned PDF files may be unreadable by our system (you will be notified if that is the case). A good test for scanned PDF files is if you cannot click and copy (ctrl-c) text, it is likely not machine readable.

  • Folder (Optional): Coverage reports by default will be added to your Home folder. You can create new folders and change where a new coverage report will be saved.
  • Tags (Optional): You can create individual tags to help you startorganizing or categorizing the material you upload into Avail (e.g.“comedy script”, “female writer”, “LGBT themes” etc.).
    • If you can’t think of any appropriate tags to use, don’t worry, you can always add them later in your Coverage Report Dashboard.

  1. After you’ve filled out the above details please hit “Submit” at the bottom for Avail to begin generating Coverage.

  1. In minutes, you should receive an email notification indicating that your Coverage Report is ready and can be accessed. In that email hit “View Coverage” to be taken directly to the Coverage Report.

You can always access all of your coverage repots by clicking the Avail logo on the top left-hand corner of any Avail webpage.