Managing your Coverage Reports

Once you navigate to your Coverage Report you will have access to two windowpanes:

Coverage [left side] and Q&A (Early Access) [right side].

Please navigate to the desired number to learn more about the feature or function.

The “Circled Number” in the picture corresponds to the section below that has additional details on the function or button. 

(1) Download PDF

Interested in downloading a copy of your coverage report? Click “Download PDF” at the top-right hand corner of the page to create a PDF copy of the report.

  •  You’ll be able to customize the report to include (or exclude) any of the coverage sections to create the desired PDF output.

  • If you so choose, you can also include the Q&A responses into your PDF by toggling “Include Q&A” on.
  • Once you’re ready click “Download” for the final PDF export.

(2) Copy URL

Clicking “Copy URL” instantly copies the link to the coverage report so that it can be easily shared amongst colleagues.

(3) The “Kebab”

Clicking the kebab (vertical ellipses)brings you some additional options you have for your coverage report.

  • Download Source File allows you to redownload the source material.
  • Delete Source File allows you to delete the coverage report’s associated source material from your dashboard.
  • Delete Coverage Report allows you to delete the coverage report from your dashboard.

(4) Q&A (Early Access)

Our handy AI assistant is at your disposal to ask any questions about the coverage report. You can get started by clicking “Comparisons” below the chat box and the Assistant will provide a list of 3 comparable TV shows or movies to your uploaded material.

If you need some additional inspiration, here are some additional sample questions you can ask the AI Assistant:

  • “Which scenes may require VFX?”
  • “How many locations are in the script and what are they?”
  • “Taking into account film tax incentives, where would it make sense to shoot this film in the United States?”

**Coming Soon **

You will be able to ask the Assistant questions on the entire source material

(5) Coverage Toolbar

Here you can quickly toggle between the Coverage sections without having to scroll all the way down to each section. Just click on your desired section and the tool will take you directly there.

(6) Feedback Tool

Tell us what you think! You can leverage the feedback tool to rate the quality of your coverage or give us any additional feedback you might have for us.